Banana Juice

Exelas Banana juice is 100% natural, extracted from organically grown local cooking banana varieties e.g. Kibuzi, Mbwazirume, Ntaragaza, Nyeru, Nyakabururu. From serving as a great snack drink, for your untimely hunger pangs, to treating dry skin and dull hair, banana juice does it all. It is one of the most versatile fruit juices, which is packed with nutrients that are essential for our body. Besides this, adding banana juice to your daily diet can give an array of benefits for your body.

Banana Cookies

Exelas Banana cookies are made from banana bi-products after filtering out the juice. The banana bi-products are mixed with sugar, shortening, eggs, vanilla extract, wheat flour, baking powder and salt and then baked giving cookies with a fresh banana taste.

Exelas Wine

Exelas banana wine is produced from East African Highland cooking banana juice pulp as opposed to other banana wines in the market that are made from other banana varieties. Soon hitting the Ugandan market, our red and white medium sweet wine will be packaged in glass bottles of 750 and 330ml. It will not only be marketed in Uganda but other east African countries as well like Rwanda, Congo and Tanzania. We have so far made 3 sensory evaluation tests, at 6, 12 and 18 months. The wine characteristic flavors have been increasing and we plan to package at 24 months.

Kigezi Honey

Kigezi natural honey is processed and packed by Excel Hort Consult Ltd and it is 100 % natural honey from and around hills, valleys of Kabale, the lush green land in Western Uganda in the heart of Africa. Honey, a natural product, can vary in color, consistency and taste. Honey is a natural sweetener that can substitute sugar. It is an energy source that can intensify weight loss and improve athletic performance by maintaining the sugar levels. Honey is a source of vitamins as well as minerals and can be used as a skin care product. It is helpful in wound management and includes antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which are useful in traditional medicine. “Escape to Kigezi natural Honey…the sweet spot."