Excel Hort Consult Agribusiness Incubator (EHCAI) is an Agribusiness Incubation and Innovation hub that was established in 1999 in Uganda and is operating in East and Central Africa. EHCAI provides Business Incubation Management, Agribusiness Enterprise Development and Agro Industry value chain development services to local, national regional and international organisations as well as private sector players. EHCAI is a technical partner to the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, and the Ministry of Water and Environment.

Building on its vast experience and professional background, EHCAI developed agribusiness and development models that are used to deliver along its value proposition. The model is geared towards self reliance and sustainability for enterprise-based solutions for profit generation, job, employment and wealth creation.


EHCAI’s vision is to be a leading incubation and innovation hub developing sustainable business models for job and employment creation in agribusiness trade and investment


EHCAI’s mission is to contribute to the competitiveness of African agribusiness and Agro-industry in the global market through business incubation and enterprise development support services.

Goals and Objectives

  • Produce competitive products and services for profit generation and employment creation
  • Strengthen and support institutional capacity of farmers and business communities in agribusiness trade and investment for food security enhancement
  • Facilitate agribusiness education, incubation and career development
Company Background


The Agribusiness and Development Company was established in 1999 in Uganda.



Registered in 2003, in Uganda, and is active in East and Central African region.


The team of EHCAI combines understanding, intellect and extensive experience in analyzing existing information systems, identifying the needs, re-engineering the system to suit the requirements of the organization, designing and testing new agribusiness models and finally deploying systems and training that address today’s challenges in agribusiness and development. Driven by its dynamic directors and the ambition to promote sustainable agribusiness development, Excel Hort Consult Agribusiness Incubator Ltd plays an active role in local, national, regional and international development programmes in Africa around agribusiness as a private sector company. EHCAI is an implementing private sector company that collaborates with Universities, Research Organizations, Development partners and Government agencies in delivering their core mandate in Africa.