Business Incubation Management

EHCAI’s business focuses on business incubation management capacity development and skilling using business incubation management models and tools. This product is meant to support and nurture innovative business ideas at an early stage, start-ups, SMEs and commercial Agri and Agro-based enterprises with high growth potential to become highly competitive and profitable businesses which in turn create new jobs. EHCAI BIM model responds to three business challenges which include:

  • How to start a business
  • How to manage the business
  • How to sustain the business

EHCAI manages various management activities including a mentorship programme, business-to-business events, start-up seminars, SMEs innovation competitions, start-up and SME business exchange and learning events, trade and exhibitions and business research to boost growth and development. You can join EHCAI incubation and mentorship clubs and associations to gain more and access 24 mentors and experts to support your business. You can also join as an intern to attain skills in business development and management at any time of the year. EHCAI is a member of the African Agribusiness Incubators Network and is accredited to offer incubation management services in East and Central Africa.